About Us

There are many goals which seem daunting to the regular folks. Climbing a major peak, competing in an Ironman, or becoming president of a major business come to mind. But as I talk to many regular folks, the task that seems most daunting of all is writing a book. Whether the person can write a lick or not doesn’t seem to matter. Even many who aspire to do so, and believe they have the talent, are hard pressed to imagine ever doing so.

This blog is devoted to setting goals, and you would want to believe that the author of the blog has the chops to pull it off. I won’t bore you with a long list of my successes or failures. In short, I wrote my first full-length book at age 20, and have 8 published books, several still on the market right now.

I currently own my 33rd business, thus I probably qualify as a serial entrepreneur. This business helps others in small businesses to become successful. If you know someone who owns a small business and needs help to improve the sales or profits, have them give me a call at 310-910-1848