Success in Reaching Goals Begins and Ends with You

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Decide to achieve. Forget about excuses, blaming, expectations, luck.

This blog has been created to accumulate as much wisdom as possible about a single subject… Success. Our definition is simple. Success is reaching your goals. It is unrelated to material accumulation, personal attractiveness, mental acuity, degrees or titles, trophies, fame, or positions. Many of those things come as the result of genes, parents, inheritance, and/or luck. Moreover, they don’t satisfy for long. In fact, for the most successful people, the joy is in the process, not in the afterglow.

Overcome obstacles. Just say no to fear, anger, bitterness, envy, regrets, negativity, and toxic relationships.

The world is full of people and circumstances that can get inside your head and distract you from your course. Then there are your own demons that will attack you at any opportune moment. We will explore methods for dealing with these obstacles so that you are able to advance with clarity of mind and spirit.

Use the experiences of others and wise counsel to guide you to the smoothest paths and best practices.

Why reinvent the wheel? So many outstanding folks have gone before you and found methods and processes to improve the chances for success. Thankfully, many have written these down or created videos or materials that can be of great help to you.

You can multiply your potential by inviting caring mentors and counselors to provide wisdom at turning points or just to keep you on track. Paid therapists, consultants, coaches, and Mastermind-type groups all have a place in your effort to reach those goals.  We will review various books, materials and providers, and hope that others will feedback on these reviews.

Christian Viewpoint

This blog will be written from a Christian point of view. This will infect all posts, and will be an underlying theme even when there are not overt statements or recommendations regarding belief in Jesus. Zig Ziglar, Og Mondino and many of the other greats of motivational thinking weren’t shy about their trust in God. We won’t keep our light under a basket either.